Joe's Vehicle History Photo Gallery

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[Joe on James Motorcycle]1936 James motorcycle, Scotland, 1959

[Joe on Vincent Motorcycle]1952 Vincent motorcycle, England, 1960

[Puch]1958 Puch motorcycle, Palo Alto, 1964

[Joe by Austin Healy]1962 Austin Healy, Rocky Mountains, 1965

[Joe in Austin Healy]1966 Austin Healy, Sierras, 1967

[Joe in Austin Healy and Shark catamaran] Austin Healy with Shark catamaran, 1967

[Lancia Flavia]1966 Lancia Flavia Vignale, Grand Tetons, 1971

[Lancia Fulvia]1967 Lancia Fulvia Zagato, 1980

Not shown: Saab 99, Saab 95, Lancia Beta HPE, Dodge Ramcharger (for pulling the trimaran), and Peugeot 504D.

Currently-Owned Toys

(Not shown: 1968 Saab 95 Station Wagon and Kathy's 1983 Toyota Corolla Station Wagon)

[Joe with Saab and Shark catamaran]Brand-new Saab with Shark catamaran, December, 1967, still in daily use in 2000.

[Joe with Saab]Same car, Christmas 2005. Saab is still daily driver. Original paint!

[Mercedes Camper]1976 Mercedes camper, owned since 1978, photo in 2000

[Isuzu towing Telstar]1988 Isuzu Trooper towing Telstar, Mt. Shasta, 1998 photo

[White Sonett]1973 SAAB Sonett, owned since early 90's, 2000

[Eco-Scoot]1993 Eco-Scoot, 2000 photo

[Honda Insight]2002 Honda Insight Hybrid. Writeup and photos updated December 2006 (checkout that instrument-panel photo!).

December 2007. Latest acquisition is a Corbin Sparrow high-performance electric vehicle which I'm presently restoring. Photos and details as soon as I finish putting it back together.

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