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This page provides an index to all the significant offshore passage webpages on the KatieKat.net website. This webpage was created in early June 2004 and links back to this index webpage have not yet been incorporated into each referenced link - to get back here, simply go to the KatieKat Home Page and access this index from there..

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New Caledonia to AustraliaOct./Nov. 2003Pre-Departure Weather AnalysesPre-Departure
Boat Setup and More Weather AnalysesDay 1
Weather Analyses - Prelude to What's ComingDay 2
Horrible Lightning Storm - Must Read!Day 3
Para-Anchor Deployment Days 4 & 5
Para-Anchor RetrievalDays 6 & 7
Pooped!Day 8
Australia Arrival and Final WhapDay 9

Fiji to New CaledoniaOctober 2003Bumpy beam seas followed by upwind slogFiji to NewCal

New Zealand to FijiSeptember 2003Fiji Passage PreparationsPreparations
Thunderstorms, Heaving-To, Spinnakers, and Backup SolarPart 1
Fronts, Propane Scare, Boatspeed DiscussionPart 2

Australia to New ZealandNov./Dec. 2002Pre-Departure Passage PreparationsPreparations
Queensland to Lord Howe IslandLeg 1
Lord Howe to New ZealandLeg 2
Raw SailMail Passage ReportsPassageReports

Bass Strait to MainlandJuly 2002Summaries2002 Ch. 5

Bass Strait to TasmaniaMarch 2002Eden to Flinders IslandCrossing

New Caledonia to AustraliaOctober 2000Unsuccessful Passage AttemptUnsuccessfulPassage
November 2000Successful PassageSuccessfulPassage
Para-Anchoring DetailsParaAnchoring

Australia to New CaledoniaSeptember 2000Crossing DetailsNewCal Passage

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