KatieKat 2004 Cruise Chapter Five

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31 March 2004 Signs
27 April 2004 California
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31 March, 2004 -- Signs

We're presently in California (it's tax time) but will hopefully return to Australia within the month and continue our cruising on KatieKat. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few photos of signs which struck my funnybone (or unfunnybone) during our recent travels.

[Elvis Parsley] This I thought was a very imaginative name for a veggie store. Certainly gives a smile to anyone reading it. I like it!

[Bumper Sticker Don't Touch Me I'm Not That Kind of Car] Don't usually snap photos of bumper stickers, but this one was cute.

[Chocolate Truffle Heaven] This popular billboard never fails to capture my attention.

[Road Sign Slippery When Under Snow] Inane road signs irk me, because the moneys spent on them could be used to fill some more potholes. Am I missing something here?

[Joe with Ugg Boot poster] [Poster Shoo Biz - girl in bikini in snow and Ugg boots]

Speaking of snow, Alaska, here I come! It was 40degC (over 100degF!) when I snapped this photo.

[PowerNap Road Sign] This road sign is often seen in Victoria to mark a place to be able to simply pull off the road into an undeveloped parking area (as compared to an improved "Rest Stop").

[Sign Kildadentist] No comment

[Sign Save Marine Pollution] If it sounds good, market it! A counter-counter-culture attempt or sheer nonsense? This one was leftover from Fiji.

[Sign Las Vegas] Going down into this Crown Casino parking garage in Melbourne, one begins to wonder if Star Trek transporters maybe do exist ...

[Right Turn Sign] Now, here's a traffic sign often seen in downtown Melbourne. Remember, in Australia you drive on the left side of the road and what this sign says to do in order to make a RIGHT turn at the intersection is go all the way over to the LEFT! It really does work and it avoids backing up non-turning traffic. Think about it.

[TramAd] Tram ads are sure distracting!

[Right Turn Sign] This has nothing to do with signs or KatieKat, but as we were sitting in this open lounge at Brisbane Airport I realized that they really did go to some trouble to make our stay a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

Within a day of arriving in California, I had already spied a couple of questionable signs ... these two were on the same street in the town of Los Gatos.

[Sign No U Turn] Having succeeded in overturning a U-turn traffic ticket in court while I was in college, I'm sensitive to this topic. Does this sign on a quiet side street mean that I can make a U-turn everywhere except in the intersection?

[Sign No Parking Over 6ft] A couple of quiet side streets were heavily plastered (littered?)with these signs. Go figure.

Whinge (whine): "I wanna go back to sailing!"

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27 April, 2004 -- California

Going back to the US evokes mixed reactions: it is wonderful to see family and friends but it is always painful to catch up on administrative and domestic maintenance necessites (as well as doing taxes). I don't discuss politics on this website, but suffice it to say that what I saw and heard was very disquieting.

[Mouse] [Ducks in Pool]

Our house has been taken over by critters. This mouse was quite tame and I simply picked him up and put him outside. The ducks love the pool.

[30mph Sign] Speed traps are alive and well in California, and a great source of local revenue. This one is on El Monte Avenue heading into Los Altos from Interstate 280. Watch out! (No, I didn't get nailed, but I find this a perversion of law enforcement).

[Alec Joe Restaurant] I now find conversations with my son Alec to be downright pleasant, despite his reluctance to have his photo taken, .

Kathy went up to visit with her parents in Oregon. After doing the taxes, I took a quick 2500-mile round-trip drive up to Canada to visit visit some old friends (can't believe I forgot to take photos), and also stopped in to say hi to friends and Kathy's family along the way.

[Ferry] The ferries in both Washington and British Columbia provide the much-needed transportation lifeline. As we were leaving Horseshoe Bay just north of Vancouver, I snapped this photo of an approaching ferry with snow-covered peaks in the background. Pretty!

[Traffic Line] A snapshot of the one-hour traffic backup at the Peace Arch when returning from Canada.

[Kathy Mt. Shasta] Obligatory photo returning from Oregon of Mt. Shasta in the distance. Notice that Kathy's car has now also sprouted mirrors (NO blind spots!!).

[Sign Australian Hat Outlet] Dang, can't get away from those Aussies! This is outside Redding in Northern California.

[Possum and Cat] Introducing our Australian possum to Kathy's nieces' cat.

[Possum and Cat] Attended the large boatshow in Jack London Square in Oakland across the Bay from San Francisco. Notice, TWO Seawinds (one for sailing demos).

[Image inside pipe] [Pipe Joint]

Ah, the joys of home ownership! The first photo is from a video image showing a sheared sewer line under my parents' house. Digging it up and repairing it was a pleasurable task akin to grinding fibreglass.

[Possum and Cat] The return trip to Australia through Japan is sleep-depriving. Kathy managed better than I did.

[Luggage on KatieKat] Our designer luggage once again survived the trip. Had three of these boxes.

[Kathy KatieKat] Kathy sprucing up KatieKat after our return. The boat fared much better than we did.

Nice to be home!

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