Seawind Rally Catalina 2007

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6 October, 2007 - This a more-detailed view of the 2007 Seawind West Coast Rally held on Catalina Island 23-26 August. I extracted the following photos from the CD sent to me by Kurt Jerman, the Seawind rep.

[Group photo on deck of Sea Ya] Obligatory group photo with our Rally t-shirts.
Joe Weathers graciously hosted the shrimpfest aboard his stretched SW1000 Sea Ya.

[Group photo on beach] Beach BBQ group photo.

[Ryan and Torsten on dinghy] [Ryan fishing] [Torsten] [Family]

It wouldn't be a family event without the ever-present kids!

Here are a few photos of the boats which participated in the non-spinnaker fun race - a light-airs beat to the tip of the island and then a run straight down the other side in freshening conditions.

[Bunch of boats racing] This photo was taken soon after the start of the race. I was happy to see KatieKat pointing with the best of them, despite towing the SeaCycle, the bicycle on deck, and the ancient (25,000nm) sails.

[Catamaran Island Time] [Catamaran Island Time]

Island Time. SW1000 with a few go-fasts.
Gosh, they look serious about this racing stuff!

[Catamaran Bula] [Catamaran Bula] [Catamaran Bula]

Bula. Stretched SW1000, also with a bowsprit.
Trying to distract the other skippers with the girls on deck.

[Catamaran Sea Ya with KatieKat in background] [Catamaran Sea Ya] [Catamaran Sea Ya] [Catamaran Sea Ya]

SeaYa. Stretched SW1000, with lots of go-fast hardware, sails, and a VERY experienced skipper (Joe Weathers).

[Victory Cat crossing behind KatieKat] [Victory Cat] [Victory Cat]

Victory Cat. Seawind 1160. Luxury afloat.

[Catamaran Barramundi] [Catamaran Barramundi]

Barramundi. Seawind 1000 with a huge roached mainsail.
Steve Ellsworth also made the very nice t-shirt logo and signs for the Rally.

[Catamaran KatieKat] [Catamaran KatieKat] [Catamaran KatieKat]

KatieKat. Stretched Seawind 1000, no bowsprit. Hey, we finished the race second overall!
Gee, wish I'd been allowed to fly at least one of my spinnakers... this was the first time I tried barberhauling the jib to the pulpit rather than the first stanchion (last photo).

[Raftup] [Raftup]

Raftup on the other side of the Isthmus.

[Group photo from masthead] View of our happy group from the masthead of Victory Cat.

[Joe Weathers receiving trophy] Joe Weathers (on the left) receiving his much-deserved trophy for winning the race - he worked hard for it!

[Partying guests onboard] And the party continued ...

FLASH - I just received a nice writeup of this event from Steve Ellsworth. Here it is as a PDF file.

Finally, here's the list of participants from memory... please send me any corrections -

Bad Buoys - Joel and Pam Huston (??)
Barramundi - Steve and Pam Ellsworth
Bula - Ken McLaughlin joined by Gary Oelize and Celeste from Sol Surfin
Island Time - Larry and Nancy Robertson
KatieKat - Kathy and Joe Siudzinski joined by Steve Wendl and his son Torsten from Yang Fan
Sea Ya - Joe Weathers and son and...
Sugar Magnolia - Scott Leonard and family
Victory Cat - Tim and Ruth Henning joined by (??)
Also Joining in were John and Patsy Peterson of Sea Esta which is presently in San Carlos, and Ralph and Helen Marx expecting a new SW1160 Moon Drifter III

All-in-all, a fun event! If any of you would like to include more photos or make some corrections, please send them to me here. Joe Siudzinski

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