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We spent a week anchored in Kuto Bay in the Isle of Pines - I didn't realize how many photos we had taken as we trekked to town (Vao), climbed up to peak N'ga, hiked around the peninsulas right by Kuto Bay, and visited the various caves and took some bushwalks during our motorscooter trip around the island. The following are just a few of the many photos we took.

[So. NC Chart]A photo of the chart of the southeastern corner of the island of New Caledonia. You can see how many reefs there are around here! Kuto Bay is in the southwestern corner of the Isle of Pines. Noumea is in the upper left-hand corner of the photo. Bay of Prony, where we stayed before going to the Isle of Pines, is in the upper center of the photo. Sailing around here is an interesting navigational exercise.

Cruising Vignettes

[Kuto BikeBoat]Kathy on BikeBoat approaching the dinghy dock in Kuto Bay - I'm holding her ever-present hat. Peak N'ga, which we climbed one afternoon, is in the background.

[Kids Dinghy]These little girls from a neighboring boat in the anchorage at Kuto showed how capable and independent they are, really expertly handling that dinghy - they just made it to the mothership when a squall hit.

[Rainwater Collection]After two weeks of indiscriminate usage, we needed to replenish our water supply - a local weather change provided the opportunity. In the right background is the Manta 40 l'Oasis9 out of Quebec.

[Downpour BikeBoat]Downpour in Kuto Bay. In the background is the Brown trimaran Peregrine from Santa Cruz.

[Markte]Loaded with food in Vao and ready for the 7km hike back to the boat. Note Joe's backpack contents.

[Proas]Original multihulls - now only used to give tourists rides along the beach.

[Scooter Joe]The scooter we rented to see the island.

Island Prison

In 1872 the French government exiled 3000 political insurgents from the Paris Commune to the Isle of Pines. After they were granted amnesty and left in 1879, the French then sent the "dregs" from French prisons to the island - and continued this until 1912. We visited the ruins of the prison and the prison cemetery.

[Kathy Prison]Kathy in front of the prison.

[Joe Prison]Don't know why I'm smiling, because I found the prison a very somber and sobering experience.

[Memorial]Memorial to the exiled political prisoners from the Paris Commune at the prison cemetery.

[Kathy Cemetery]Biker Babe.

Island Views

We took a hike up to Peak N'ga - it was hot! The views were magnificent.

[N'Ga Sign]No doubt what this means, in any language.

[View Isle Brosse]View towards Isle Brosse (the one further back), where we sailed a few days later.

[View Kuto]That's Kuto Bay on the right, where KatieKat is anchored.

[View Vao]View from the chapel on the hill above Vao.

[Kathy Beach]That's a reef right off the beach.

Island Flora

I was supposed to take a lot of photos of island green stuff, so here are a few -

[Hibiscus]A scrawny hibiscus with a view.

[Kathy by Tree]Bloomin tree.

[Trees]Some non-bloomin trees.

[Trees Over Road]Some more non-bloomin trees.

[Bird Nest Ferns]Those are bird nest ferns.

[Kathy trees]More flora.

[Kathy Tree]Kathy + tree.

[Snake]Eeek, that's not flora. That's one of many seasnakes we saw. They're quite happy on land or climbing up out of the water onto transom steps and into the boat (or so we've been told). Yes, they're very poisonous, but not aggressive...

[Snail]That's also not flora. We ate his cousins the other night.

[Norfolk Pines]Some Norfolk Pines on the Isle of Pines, not all that close to Norfolk.

[Kathy Flora]You want flora? Have we got some flora...

[Joe Cave]Behind the flora, that's a huge cave where Queen Hortense reputedly hid out in the mid-1800s.

[Joe Hiking]So-so flora, with a human trying not to fall off the track. Enough, already...

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