KatieKat Signs, Billboards, Labels, and Menus Index

This page provides an index to all the wacky signs, billboards, labels, and menus scattered throughout the KatieKat.net website, in reverse chronological order. Please recognize that many of the comments are tongue-in-cheek and no offense (offence) is intended. This webpage was created in June 2004 and links back to this index webpage have not yet been incorporated into each referenced link - to get back here, simply go to the KatieKat Home Page and access this index from there.

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June 2004Road signs and some rants on package labels
March 2004A collection from our Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania trip
January 2004Australia, mostly silly road signs
March 2003New Zealand
June 2002A collection put together while in Hobart, with a rant against a milk carton label
November 2001A leftover varied collection
October 2001More fun stuff in Townsville, with road signs taking a hit
August 2001Menus, signs, and trucks in Northern Queensland
August 2001Signs and billboards in Townsville
July 2001Unique posters and billboards, and more road sign frustration.
April 2001Diminutives and a chicken's Five Freedoms
March 2001More signs peculiar to Australia. Frustration beginning to show with some road signs.
June 2000Signs and menus peculiar to Australia, first impressions

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