KatieKat Para-Anchoring and Drogue Experiences Index

This page provides an index to all the para-anchoring and drogue deployment webpages on the KatieKat.net website. This webpage was created in early June 2004 and links back to this index webpage have not yet been incorporated into each referenced link - to get back here, simply go to the KatieKat Home Page and access this index from there.

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Coral Sea29 October, 2003Para-Anchor Deployment KatieKat2003U.html#1029103
Coral Sea30 October, 2003Para-Anchor RetrievalKatieKat2003V.html#103003
Australia NSW Coast18 August, 2002Drogue TestingKatieKat2002F.html#081802
Coral SeaNovember 1-3, 2000First Two Deployments and RetrievalsKatieKatParaAnch.html

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