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12 May 2005Begin Pacific Northwest Cruise
15 May 2005Boat Outfitting
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12 May, 2005 -- Begin Pacific Northwest Cruise

Well, we loaded up the boat ... uh, actually we loaded her DOWN - poor thing, the waterline is barely showing, and took off on the first of May from our snug Pleasant Harbor Marina - it really lived up to its name! Despite the boat being still yukky and needing more scrubbing, we needed to make room for the summer crowd influx.

[Boat lines covered with green yuk] Yes, all the lines lying on the deck were as green as the left one! The clean blue/white jibsheet had been stored below. I'd cleaned the boat, but still need to try to clean all the lines. Luckily, the green stuff does wash off.

For these first couple of weeks we've harbor-hopped up the Hood Canal to Port Townsend, with me singlehanding KatieKat while Kathy followed in the Isuzu with broken power steering - thus developing her arm muscles so she can better grind the winches. :-) At Port Townsend we spent a few days while I did some minor boat repairs and upgrades, and then I sailed to Sequim where we left off the Isuzu at long-time friend George Llewellyn's house (George is a multihull pioneer who designed/built the Tradewinds trimaran in the 60's - I owned a Tradewinds 28 in the early 80's). From Sequim it was across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to San Juan Island and Friday Harbor and then on to Roche Harbor for an overnight anchorage before crossing over to Canada on May 12.

OK, what I've been remiss in this website is adequately displaying the course of our travels (doesn't everyone run for an atlas when I write "Mooloolaba"?). So, here is another feeble attempt at showing where we are...

[Map of Puget Sound and San Juan Islands] Please ignore the jittery course line - I haven't learned how to do that smoothly with a mouse.

[Joe and Kathy on KatieKat] Just before departing Pleasant Harbor Marina.

[Joe and Kathy on KatieKat] KatieKat leaving Pleasant Harbor. Note the depressed waterline :-(

[Joe and Kathy on KatieKat] Up the Hood Canal and through the floating bridge, not wishing to repeat the incoming passage whereby the masthead VHF antenna twanged on the overhead bridge girders since the masthead clearance was only 6"! This photo shows the bridge closing behind me.

[Kathy and cat] [Cat on boat, telephoto shot]

In Port Ludlow we went for a long hike, leaving Mika the cat alone on the boat for the first time - the righthand telephoto shot shows the cat still sussing out its environs.

[KatieKat in Port Townsend] KatieKat in Port Townsend, where last we were at their Wooden Boat Festival.

[Beached logs in Port Townsend] This photo fails to convey the tremendous size of these beached logs in Port Townsend! I swear that large one has a diameter of at least four feet! Imagine these things floating out there ...

[Sequim opening day ceremony, bunch of people standing around the flagpole with a piper playing] Sequim, yachting season Opening Day celebrations. Can you spot the piper?

[Boatspeed 5.7 knots in 9.6 knots of wind] We sailed across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, KatieKat posting a respectable speed-to-windspeed ratio despite being horribly overloaded. That's a boatspeed of 5.7knots in 9.6knots of true windspeed. That round thingy is a movable WiFi antenna.

[KatieKat in Friday Harbor] We stopped in Friday Harbor for a couple of days - the docks still deserted before the summer crowd invasion.

[View of Roche Harbor with Mika the cat in main saloon] Roche Harbor, our first anchorage of this trip and final stopover before crossing to Canada. Our main saloon is getting even more cluttered - happily, all the computers, instruments, and wiring can disappear down below within minutes. The contented cat has readily adapted to her new surroundings.

Presently in Sidney on Vancouver Island. Will do an update showing some boatmods in the next couple of days as it's going to start raining this afternoon (5/13).

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15 May, 2005 -- Boat Outfitting

Hmm, that title is a misnomer, because the boat is still very well outfitted. What I did do is bring back to it a fair amount of "stuff" I had offloaded ... things such as tools, computer peripherals, audio-video gadgetry and cables, battery charger, Honda generator, plus a sewing machine - all the basics to keep the boat toys working. The photos show off the changes.

[Arrow decal lined up with fairlead] [Arrow decal]

A simple little item that makes it very easy to see EXACTLY where the boat is going. The little arrow under the window lined up with the fairlead for the furler on the seagull striker shows where the boat is going - amazing that after all these years and miles I still find it impossible to eyeball where the boat is precisely pointing without either this aid or sighting down a hull. This nice label replaces the piece of blue tape which was there for the last five years. Negligible weight addition :-)

[KatieKat foredeck and trampolines] Replaced the forward trampolines with a more porous material that is now standard on Seawinds. Appreciate this present from Richard Ward, just before we left Australia. This photo also provides a good view of how I stow the Bruce anchor.

[Propane tank] During our absence the US propane tank regulations had changed, necessitating a retrofit or replacement of our five-year-old tanks. I managed to pick up a couple of aluminum tanks for a very reasonable price which *almost* fit - a little bending of the stainless support bracket, adding some insulation for galvanic isolation, and all's well. Note the fishing net, onboard to fish out the cat should she fall in. That's yet another spare petrol tank, for the Honda generator. More weight (generator and spare gasoline)...

[Engine soundproofing] Since we expect to be motoring a lot during this cruise, I've started to add soundproofing to the engine compartment. A work in progress, with the rest of the heavy acoustical foam temporarily stored under our five-year-old foam mattress. More weight...

[Apple monitor and cat sleeping] Yes, we're a two-tv family, but miss the wonderfully-diverse world news on broadcast tv in Australia. This shows the Apple Studio Display (thank you, Steve Darden) acting as a tv screen for the VCR/DVD player below it, with the boombox providing the audio - none of which concerns the sleeping cat. More weight...

[Cat licking stuffed cat] [Cat sleeping next to stuffed cat]

Speaking of sleeping cats ... we've had our 'stuffed' rabbit's-hair cat onboard for five years, and when we introduced Mika to it, she promptly started licking it! We ended up leaving Camille (the stuffed cat) behind in the car, as it became too confusing for us - the thing is so lifelike! Oh, yes, the righthand photo just shows the bottom of the other monitor acting as a TV display. For a powerhouse computer setup, the two monitors join the computers upstairs for a four-screen display, which is actually handy when analyzing weather charts. More weight...

[Cat in front of microwave oven] Added a 1500W 115vac inverter, located inside the starboard steering station where the battery cables terminate for the motor and thus provide a high-current source. The manual wire plug connection ensures no possibility of collision with shorepower or the generator. More weight...

Speaking of power, I've installed the Vectron Phoenix 12v 30A battery charger/controller into the bridgedeck forward compartment. This sophisticated charger is fully programmable, has a wired remote control, a battery temperature sensing circuit, and separate battery voltage sense lines. One of its nice features is that it doesn't go into a mindless bulk/absorption charging phase whenever a heavy load is applied.

[Cat in front of microwave oven] Having become used to the conveniences of home, we brought an old ac microwave with us (recall we had a 12vdc microwave onboard for many years). Inasmuch as we have access to shorepower in marinas, and at anchor we have the large 115vac inverter or the ac from the Honda generator, we should be able to run it for short periods. Hopefully, it'll justify its weight...

[Joe scraping window sealant] After five years the port forward window developed a slight drip - amazing longevity, as far as I'm concerned, considering the conditions we've been in. I removed the foam spacer and temporarily filled the cavity with Sika #295, but without using primer since I intend to re-bed the polycarbonate windows properly if weather permits. The near-perfect transparency of these windows reflects the VERY careful care they've received over the years.

[Kathy in main saloon with WiFi antenna] [Cat's scratching post used as WiFi antenna stand]

We have WiFi onboard, and happily many marinas have excellent coverage with a marina-specific ISP (bbx). In addition to the built-in antennas of my Macintosh iBook and PowerBook, I can also use a high-gain dish (that silver thingy in the left photo) or a smaller lower-gain one (right photo, sitting atop the cat's scratching post).

We just arrived in Victoria and joined friends Steve and Dorothy Darden on Adagio - whom we last saw cruising in Queensland (they had sailed from Tasmania to New Zealand, and from there to Alaska). They whapped a log last week which disabled their starboard drive, and are preparing to haul out to see what happened. We plan on spending a few days in Victoria before proceeding northward to North Pender Island to join in with the British Columbia Multihull Society sail-in next weekend. All's well, but we're still cleaning off green stuff in-between the showers.

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