KatieKat 2004 Cruise Chapter Twelve

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12 September 2004Dockwise Arrives in Vancouver
13 September 2004KatieKat Offloads
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12 September, 2004 -- Dockwise Arrives in Vancouver

From Brisbane we flew to our house in California, sorted out a few things, loaded up the Isuzu with new boatstuff, and headed north. Couldn't resist stopping at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, at the top of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

[Kathy wooden boat in background] [Interior view of Taleisin]

Looking at the beautiful wooden boats and all their varnish made me appreciate my plastic fantastic KatieKat even more! The interior of the Pardey's Taleisin and its glossy varnishwork is truly beautiful.

[Kathy on ferry reading Latitude 38] [Isuzu on ferry with bicycle on top]

From Port Townsend we took the ferry across to Whitby Island. Kathy's happily reading Latitude 38 and Izzy is carrying the replacement for our trustyrusty bicycle, a gift from longtime friend Lee (or was he happy to get rid of it?).

[Joe at False Creek, view of city in background] The amount of construction that has taken place in Vancouver is amazing: from across False Creek, one can barely see the mountains behind the city.

Dockwise was supposed to arrive on the afternoon of September 12, so we went looking for it up Indian Arm, just northeast of Vancouver.

[Kathy and Joe by water's edge looking for ship] [Joe arms outstretched indicating no Dockwise ship]

We looked all around Indian Arm from the Deep Cove area, but couldn't find the Dockwise ship.

We were invited to an early dinner at some friends' house overlooking the Vancouver Harbour entrance. As we were looking out over Georgia Strait I spied what looked like a ship going backwards, a distinguishing feature of a Dockwise ship. Borrowing a telescope, the ship's approach was confirmed.

[Dockwise ship tiny speck in distance] [Dockwise ship as viewed through telescope]

That tiny speck in the distance is the Dockwise ship. Just for the heck of it I stuck the camera into the telescope's eyepiece. Crude but it worked!

We quickly said goodbye (skipping dinner) and zoomed down to the Lion's Gate Bridge under which the Dockwise ship was going to pass.

[Dockwise ship approaching bridge] [Dockwise ship approaching bridge]

How exciting to watch the ship with KatieKatapproaching!

[Closeup view of Dockside ship] Getting closer! For a high-resolution image of this photo, click here.

[Dockwise ship approaching bridge] [Dockwise ship approaching bridge]

I tried not to fall off the bridge while excitedly taking these photos. The green diagonal things across KatieKat's foredeck are the SeaCycle's two hulls in their storage bags.

[Dockside ship on the other side of the bridge] Kathy restrained me from running across the bridge traffic as I continued snapping photos.

[Kathy on Lion's Gate Bridge] Glad we were able to make it out to the bridge in time to see the ship pass by.

It's a small world, as later that evening we met with Andrew and Sonja Crawford from Brisbane. They had hosted us in our remaining days in Australia and they are now travelling here on holiday - even visited us in California for a day before we left there!

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13 September, 2004 -- KatieKat Offloads

The Dockwise ship (called Super Servant 3 - who comes up with these names?) anchored in Indian Arm and we yachties were ferried out on a launch.

[View from inside launch] [Kathy looking out at misty day] [Dockwise ship, view from launch]

Eager anticipation as we go out to the ship on the launch, oblivious to the dreary rainy misty day.

[View of boats from ship's bridge] [Forward view of KatieKat from deck of ship] [Aft view of KatieKat from deck of ship]

Once onboard, I couldn't wait to see KatieKat. Nice to see that the fin keels were resting on some very heavy rudder pads.

Once all the paperwork was taken care of, we hopped aboard (easier for us than the monohulls!) and the Dockwise ship submerged (quite quickly, but with no fuss). As the boats floated off, underwater divers removed their supports.

[View of boats on ship from KatieKat] [View of ship from KatieKat after departure]

After the ship was flooded and the divers were clear, we started our engines (fired up immediately!), and were the second boat off the ship.

KatieKat appears to be none-the worse for wear. Being located right next to one of the smokestacks, we had much more residue onboard than the other boats. It is my impression that the ship had at some point blown out a massive amount of crud from its smokestack (perhaps after departing Brisbane, because the boat next to us which had loaded in Auckland was clean), but that this had quickly been washed away by rainstorms. We found significant amounts of residue in lockers and under covers - everywhere where water couldn't flush the stuff out. A week later, we're still busy cleaning and trying to keep the black specks from migrating down below.

[Dirty forward deck] [Dirty trampoline] [Kathy cleaning KatieKat]

I forgot to snap photos of the sooty residue before we cleaned it. We could literally shovel the stuff which had migrated from the cockpit into the main saloon under our aft fabric cover.

In reality, the dirt and a few scratches are a minor inconvenience - as I said before, I would have liked to have sailed KatieKat back from Australia, but it was both time and cost-effective to ship her back to North America.

[KatieKat surrounded by trees] In this photo, we're tied up to longtime (38 years) sailing friends Dan and Bertie Hull's dock north of Vancouver. Dan had been a devoted follower of this website, but sadly passed away a few months ago before having a chance to see KatieKat.

We are now looking forward to beginning our Pacific Northwest cruise on KatieKat; nevertheless, we're already missing what would be the Australian Springtime as we wake up shivering in the morning... :-)

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