KatieKat 2004 Cruise Chapter Four

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5 March 2004 Melbourne
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11 March 2004 Adelaide
15 March 2004 Adelaide to Melbourne
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5 March, 2004 -- Melbourne

Formula One fever had gripped the city when we arrived in the early morning on the ferry from Tasmania. Our motel's already-high price had tripled, so we simply decided to see the Melbourne Motor Show and then get out of town! Much as I would have enjoyed seeing the races, the costs for the lodging and then attending the races weren't worth it for me, especially considering that the Australian dollar has risen over 60% relative to our US dollar in the last couple of years.

[Kathy Minis] [Police PT Cruiser] [Horn Truck]

The Melbourne Motor Show was in full swing. You need to see the two minis side-by-side to realize how bloated the new one has become. Yes, that's a real police car. The number of unique and wonderful horns, bells, and whistles on this custom truck was amazing!

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7 March 2004 - Murray Bridge

[Insert map Melbourne - Adelaide]

March 5-8 is Victoria's Labor Day long weekend, so we decided to avoid the crowds and take the inland highways to Adelaide, planning on returning on the Great Ocean Road. The Murray River and its tributaries is one of the longest waterways in the world and provides much-needed water to an otherwise parched land. Mark Twain called it Australia's Mississippi.

[Murray River] [Open Powerboat]

The town of Murray Bridge was having a water-skiing competition on the river and a nice festive atmosphere prevailed. This open powerboat had me do a double-take until I realized that it's certainly convenient to pull someone aboard out of the water (I think).

[Bunyip] [Bunyip Description]

Having come across the word Bunyip and not knowing what it meant, the mechanized display was a cute introduction. Put in a coin and the creature comes up out of the deep in a cave by the riverbank.

[Metal Frame House] Metal framing of a house under construction, quite novel for someone used to seeing wooden frames.

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11 March 2004 - Adelaide

We spent a few days in Adelaide, arriving as a bush fire was raging nearby and which caused a massive power outage in the area. We stayed in the pleasant coastal resort of Glenelg.

[Joe Tram Outside] [Kathy Tram Inside]

From Glenelg into town one gets to take this wonderful old tram.

[Flinders Statue] Nice to see a statue of Flinders, recalling that he mapped most of Australia's coastline.

[Suspension Bridge] I was intrigued by the unique suspension system on this walkway.

[Joe Locomotive] [Kathy Inside Locomotive]

Never ones to miss an old train museum, we enjoyed this one in Port Adelaide. Not to be outdone, Kathy proves she's in the driver's seat.

Outside Adelaide in the hills in the town of Birdwood (pre-WWI name of Blumberg, but its German name was changed during the war along with the German names of many other towns) is the country's National Motor Museum. We enjoyed it.

[Kathy Motorcycles] Biker Babe.

[Vincent Motorcycle] [Joe Vincent] [Joe Vincent England]

The Vincent is one of the classic old British motorcycles, most notable for the various versions of its 1000cc V-twin. I got all excited when I saw it's baby sibling, a 500cc single that I had ridden in England, uh, a few years ago when I was 17...

[Old House] There are lots of lovely old buildings in the Adelaide area.

[Thatched Fence] We don't see unique fences like this in the US. We rather liked it.

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15 March 2004 - Adelaide to Melbourne

[Blue Lake] Blue Lake in Mt. Gambier is REALLY blue - note that, despite the overcast. Imagine if the sun had been shining!

[Blue Lake] In the harbour of Portland, this powerboat was well-sheltered from seagulls.

[Wind Farm] [Windfarm Cows]

The Codrington wind farm joins the ones on the northern Tasmania coast as an alternative energy source. The first picture is my artsy attempt at contrasting the old with the modern (but remember, I ain't got no couth).

[Port Fairy Boat Hoist] [Joe Seashore]

We found Port Fairy a lovely little town, with a long riverway offering exellent protection on this otherwise exposed coast. I wonder what they call their football team?

[Kathy Church] Another picturesque church... Kathy just likes their historical significance.

[Kids Dancing] These kids were participating in a Scottish dancing competition in Warrnambool.

[Loch Ard Description] [Loch Ard Description] [Loch Ard Description] [Loch Ard Kathy]

Let you read about this Loch Ard tragedy.

[Cellphone Tower] And finally, my tribute to Australia and their proliferation of towers - the cellphone coverage throughout this country is simply wonderful. This coverage extends quite a few miles offshore as well. Wish I had taken photos of the huge mountain-top towers we saw on our trip.

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