KatieKat 2003 Cruise Chapter Seven

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June-August 2003California Summer
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June-August, 2003 -- California Summer

For the first time in four years we managed to experience an actual summer - nice to be back in the old house, but it was a working "vacation", with a thousand repairs and refurbishments.

[Scratched Door]Just a tiny sample of the damage done to our home and furnishings by tenants whom we failed to properly screen. Another one of life's lessons...

[Joe Steering] [Rick Steering]

Took some time out to go sailing with friends from my past working life - spent a great couple of days renewing friendships and bouncing around San Francisco Bay ... had a total of five tipsy boats show up... :-) That's the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Rick, who hosted me on his Hunter 30, looks far saltier than I do and is obviously much more used to having boats lean over.

[Love To Sail Multihulls]My license plate frame say it all.

[Gail Kathy Joe] [Sally Melissa Alec] [Susie] [Jones Dick Laramie]

Kathy's memorable birthday party.

[Second Tri]The poor Telstar on its trailer sharing the weeds with the old SAABs. A good blast with the pressure washer by good buddy Adam made her somewhat more presentable.

[Alec Bricks]Son Alec's first attempt at bricklaying looks good.

[Joe LAX] [Kathy Tahiti]

Time to return to New Zealand - note the designer luggage (those Rubbermaid containers sure work great!), with an extra solar panel for the boat (it wasn't doing any good sitting in my garage). Kathy enjoying the stopover in Tahiti.

[Free Coffee Sign]Auckland has a great international airport which goes well out of its way to welcome visitors. In contrast, when you fly out of the country you get hit with a nasty exit tax which, I'm sorry, leaves a little bit of a sour taste in one's mouth.

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30 August, 2003 -- Sail up to the Bay of Islands

We arrived in the middle of the New Zealand winter to a rain-drenched countryside (it is beautifully green) and after cleaning up the green stuff off the boat we headed up the coast to the lovely Bay of Islands.

[Kathy Pointing]You can see that Kathy's not that happy as she points at another nasty black cloud coming in to drench us. Even though it doesn't show up well in the picture - trust me, it was black and nasty-looking.

[Kathy]Leaving Tutukaka Marina at dawn. We really appreciated the protection and solitude this lovely little very well-maintained marina provided, with a friendly staff to boot.

[Kathy]Rounding Cape Brett. Picked the weather right, and had a glorious downwind sunshiny sail.

[Joe Opunga Cove] [Kathy Bay Of Islands]

I could show a dozen great views of the Bay of Islands, a wonderful protected cruising area. We anchored for one night in Opunga Cove, and then scampered into Opua (our exit port) before the next front moved in. Yes, we are both wearing longjons - it's winter!

[Dawn Mist]Nice view greets us at dawn in Opua Marina.

[Kathy Hiking] [Kathy Hiking] [Kathy Hiking]

It's a two-hour hike into town (Pahia) from the marina, but it sure is a scenic walk. Note the absence of lawyer-induced "protective" railings on the boardwalk - gee, one is responsible for one's own actions, what a novel concept!

[Schmuck]A mailbox along the hiking path.

[Defrosting Meat]This is how Kathy defrosts the meat when preparing the dinner. Luckily, we have no live pets onboard.

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