KatieKat 2003 Cruise Chapter Two

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30 March 2003 New Zealand North Island Tourists
31 March 2003 Signs and Stuff
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30 March, 2003 -- North Island Tourists

We returned to KatieKat for one day, then rented a car and continued our tour, heading down the Coromandel Peninsula and down the east coast to Wellington, then back up the west coast through Auckland and back to KatieKat in Tutukaka, northeast of Whangarei.

[North Island] North Island outline, from the Museums Aotearoa brochure.

[NZ Countryside] [Lake Tarawera] [Wellington View] [Mount Taranaki]

Obligatory boring touristy photos. A pastoral country scene, a hike around Lake Tarawera, a Wellington Harbour view, and spectacular Mt. Taranaki.

There are many private automotive museums throughout New Zealand - indeed, there are many beautifully-restored old cars and motorcycles seen running around in daily use. I was told that this is because the high import duties for many years meant that old cars were simply kept running.

[Joe James Motorcycle] [James Motorcycle Museum] [James Motorcycle Scotland]

I got all excited at seeing a little motorcycle very similar to the one I had owned 44 years ago - a mid-30's James! This one in the museum had a larger engine, but it did have that external flywheel! Plumb forgot to take photos of the more significant (and more valuable) Vincent motorcycles which are featured in most museums.

[Kathy London Taxi] [Kathy Nash Metropolitan] [Kathy Limousine]

Kathy's favorites. The limo on the right belonged to Marlene Dietrich.

[Steaming Spring] [The Baths] [The Baths Staircase]

The sulphur springs of Rotorua are world-famous, with the smelly stuff steaming and bubbling away all over town. The Bath House is a beautifully restored turn-of-the-century building flanked by a 1930's-era spa. That's croquet they're playing on the lawn.

[Cable Car] [Air Show] [Dragon Boats]

In Wellington we rode the cable car, enjoyed an air show, and watched dragon boat races. Lots to do and see.

[Tutukaka Cats] [Tutukaka KatieKat]

Back in Tutukaka, northeast of Whangarei - KatieKat with the multihull contingent. The SeaCycle held up mostly clear of the water with the spinnaker halyard.

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31 March, 2003 -- Signs and Stuff

[P on Lawn] I did a double-take when I first read this.

[Sign Park on Grass] They really do mean it! Unheard-of in California.

[Sign No Trundlers] Defy anyone in the US to tell me what this means!

[95 Curve] Slow down to this?

[Sign Disabled Parking] Another way of trying to add emphasis. Please read the sign.

[Bacardi Ad] Kathy has her Masters of Library Science and allowed as I appreciate her...

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