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16 February 2003 America's Cup
15 March 2003 New Zealand South Island Tourists
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After an excessively-long visit back home repairing the damage done to our house, we realized that if we wanted to visit the country before winter then we'd better do it by car. We undertook a five-week whirlwind tour of New Zealand, leaving KatieKat safely in Tutukaka Marina on the North Island. Feel free to skip the touristy snapshots.

16 February, 2003 -- America's Cup

The day we arrived early in the morning in Auckland was an America's Cup raceday, so we elected to hang around town for the day and enjoy the festivities. The viaduct basin was a beehive of activity with a huge grandstand and video display setup, a large information pavilion, and many tour boats going out for the day to watch the races. Lots of people around and it was quite exciting, if you're a fan of the America's Cup - I'm not, as the rule changes banned multihulls after the overwhelming wing-sailed catamaran victory in 1988 over the wonderfully creative oversized (120'?) NZ sailing dinghy. This, from my perspective, stopped revolutionary sailing vessel development in this event. Pity, because with money thrown at them, boatspeeds doubling those of the America's Cup boats could certainly be achieved.

[Team New Zealand] [Alinghi] [Mall Scene]

The first two photos show Team New Zealand and Alinghi leaving the basin (note the crowds), and the third shot shows how much interest there was in the racing in a nearby mall.

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15 March, 2003 -- New Zealand South Island Tourists

We flew from Auckland to Christchurch, rented a car, and circumnavigated the entire South Island clockwise, only omitting Milford Sound and Te Anau (which we had visited when we did the Milford Track five years ago) and the Mt. Cook area glaciers, which we still intend to visit.

[South Island] South Island outline, from the Museums Aotearoa brochure.

[Kathy Penny Farthing] [Airplanes] [Spitfire]

Museums are all over the place, with plenty of goodies for each of us. There are two very good air museums, one in Wanaka and the other in Christchurch.

[Kathy Penny Farthing] [Airplanes]

We found the train station in Dunedin to be magnificent! The day we were there, a huge fashion show was staged in the picturesque surroundings, all set up after the morning train had left.

[Greenhouse] [Misty Hillside] [Mark Twain Quote]

We really liked Dunedin, which was modeled after Joe's hometown. In fact, Dunedin is the Gaelic name for Edinburgh.

[Lake Wanaka] [Franz Josef Glacier] [Snow on Hills]

Despite our best intentions, we didn't take as many hikes as we may have wished. We had a great hike at Lake Wanaka (left photo), a pleasant stroll up to Franz Josef Glacier (center photo) following the snowfall on the hills above the motel the preceding night (right photo).

[Pupu Springs] [Pupu Springs] [Snow on Hills]

What impressed me about the Pupu Springs (northwest corner of the South Island) is the volume of crystal-clear water bubbling up. Description in third photo.

[Power Cat Museum] [Pupu Springs] [Model Sailboats] [Picton Launch]

Always interested in boats of all types. The first is an old abandoned powercat in the back of the Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum. The second is the tourist steamer in Queenstown. The third photo shows model boat racing in the marina in Nelson, and the last shot is of what I thought was a pretty launch in Picton.

[Christchurch View] [Scots Pipers]

We ended our South Island tour in Christchurch, where we were given a great tour of the surrounding area by new-found (through this website) acquaintance Allen Murphy. The first photo shows an overlook of Christchurch and the second is that of a bagpipe competition Kathy and I attended.

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