KatieKat 2002 Cruise Chapter Eleven

KatieKat Australia to New Zealand 2002 Passage:
Lord Howe Island to Opua, New Zealand

This webpage contains the photos of our passage to Opua. As an adjunct, I am including (on a separate webpage) the daily passage reports which I had sent out via HF SailMail - Click here to read the Passage Reports.

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2 December 2002 Lord Howe to New Zealand
9 December 2002 Opua, New Zealand
Passage Reports
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This is the eleventh webpage of our cruise covering the year 2002. This is one long continuous page, and clicking on any of the underlined dates above should jump your screen to the appropriate section on this page (or you can use the scrollbar on the right to navigate up and down this page). Joe Siudzinski

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2 December, 2002 -- Lord Howe to Opua, New Zealand

[KathyJoe Lord Howe] [Adam Lord Howe] [KathyJoe Lord Howe] [KathyJoe Lord Howe]

Leaving Lord Howe Island. Wish we could have stayed longer, but the weather window was simply too good to pass up.

[Adam Bunk] Adam in his kennel.

[BBQ] [BBQ] [KathyAdam BBQ] [Feast] [KathyJoe Feast]

Too much food! We had to eat it all because otherwise it would have been confiscated by New Zealand agricultural authorities.

[Adam Galley] Adam's not unhappy in the galley.

[Joe Sextant] Kept double-checking the GPS fairly often. It was ok to within about five miles.

[GPS MiniChart] The little GPS Adam brought even had a tiny chart on it. Decadent.

[Happy Kathy] As you can see, Kathy's worst fears about this passage have come true, and she is cowering in the corner, whimpering, and wishing she could be elsewhere, as savage seas and ferocious winds ravage the boat.

[Adam Computer] [Computer Screen]

Adam spent a good part of his time learning the latest update to his 3-D graphics design program - amazing how powerful they are nowadays. We finally found a disadvantage to KatieKat's wide-open main saloon - it's too bright up there!

[Night Navigation] Carefully approaching the Bay of Islands at night, with all the toys... uh, instruments going. Getting out SailMail at that moment. The channels into Opua are extremely well marked and the night entry was a piece of cake

[Quarantine Dock] Tying up to the Quarantine Dock in Opua at dawn, following an unbelievably mild passage.

[Opua Marina] In the Opua Marina - note the relocated backup HF antenna which significantly improved weatherfax reception, probably because the previous cable run was strapped to the lifeline.

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9 December, 2002 -- Opua, New Zealand

We were given a desirable spot at the Opua Marina (translation: close to the restrooms) and spent a few days winding down and touristing the north of the North Island.

[Opua Marina View] [KatieKat Opua Marina] [KatieKat Opua Marina] [KatieKat Opua Marina] [Kathy Joe KatieKat] [Joe Adam katieKat]

At the dock in Opua. Lots of boats from all around the world pass through this northern-most port of entry, with German, Canadian, and US boats seeming to predominate.

[Kathy Bent Trees] Just one of the many places we stopped at for a hike while touring the north of the North Island.

[Ducks on Dock] [Lamb]

Lots of critters all around - the ducks come begging when they see you, and the bleating lamb was in the back of a pickup truck.

[Kathy Joe Adam Restaurant] [Fruit and Cream Dessert]

it was time for Adam to leave, so we gave him a sendoff at a nice restaurant in Pahia, close to Opua. None of us could finish the dessert!

Connectivity has proven to be a significant issue in New Zealand. While in Australia, I simply used either my Optus or Telstra GSM pre-paid cellphone with infrared port to communicate with my Macintosh computer and connect to the local pre-paid ISP (Internet Service Provider) - I actually had both Optus and Telstra ISPs for redundancy. Well, in New Zealand I've been unable to use the cellphone with its newly-purchased SIM chip and Vodaphone pre-paid account to connect to the newly-purchased TelecomNZ ISP (because, I'm told, "data" over phonelines has a cost structure that differs from voice and is thus unavailable for pre-paid accounts). It's a Catch 22, because, as a visitor to NZ, I'm told that I cannot obtain a non-prepaid account (which would indeed allow me ISP access). Vodaphone is not an ISP and TelecomNZ uses CDMA and not GSM, but that's not the issue, as their CDMA pre-paid phones won't work either. I did try dialing the ISP using the cellphone, but its phone number is locked out. Grrrrrrr, as it means I cannot send/receive e-mails from the boat.

So, what I've resorted to is an old-fashioned acoustic modem that merely straps onto a telephone handset. It turns out that I can connect all day long using a payphone for the price of a local phonecall, which counters the argument given me that there is a "special" price structure for "data". Sorry, I'm not a happy camper and intend to pursue this situation further since it certainly is not a technical issue. I'm very receptive to suggestions and would appreciate an e-mail if you have the solution.

[Joe PayPhone Computer] [Kathy PayPhone Computer]

The day before, the wind was howling and it was pouring rain when I was getting this configured. The connection is excellent and runs at an astounding and consistent 28.8K (old acoustic modems only connected at 300bps). Opua Marina, unlike some other marinas in New Zealand, does not provide us cruisers with a phoneline and table (sigh). Hope y'all appreciate the effort required to get connected and this website uploaded :-)

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