KatieKat 2002 Cruise Chapter Three

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15 May 2002 Lindisfarne
24 May 2002 Last Anzac
29 May 2002 Ratso
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This is the third webpage of our cruise covering the year 2002. This is one long continuous page, and clicking on any of the underlined dates above should jump your screen to the appropriate section on this page (or you can use the scrollbar on the right to navigate up and down this page). Joe Siudzinski

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15 May, 2002 -- Lindisfarne

Just returned to Tasmania after a very hectic three-week trip back home, necessitated by a variety of business-related issues - and the imminent expiration of our three-month Australian visa. Kathy also had a chance to visit her parents in Oregon

[Kathy Roses] It was springtime with roses in full bloom when we visited California.

We had left the boat in Lindisfarne at the very nice modern marina (floating docks) of the Motor Yacht Club. Lindisfarne is a lovely village across the river from Hobart - all the basics are available, and it's only a six-minute walk from the boat. Hobart CBD is a twelve-minute busride from Lindisfarne, and, anyway, everything is within bicycle-riding distance of the boat - who needs a car?

[KatieKat Lindisfarne] [KatieKat Lindisfarne]

KatieKat at Motor Yacht Club in Lindisfarne. Hobart is visible on the other side of the Derwent River behind the bridge. Note that in these photos I've placed BikeBoat's hulls (inside the green covers) up on the bows of KatieKat and see how the bows are depressed. I've since relocated them to the upper side decks - a little better weight distribution. This further demonstrates our need to keep weight off the boat and to centrally locate the heavier items that we do have.

[KatieKat No Bow Nets] I took the bownets off to have some of the stitching repaired. The unique inboard curved bow hullshape is readily visible - I'm convinced it's this unusual shape which increases the boat's static (and dynamic?) lift characteristics and minimizes bow-burying. I like it!

[KatieKat Lindisfarne] [KatieKat Lindisfarne]

A view of the Motor Yacht Club and KatieKat from across the bay at Lindisfarne. In the left foreground in the right photo is Adagio, Steve and Dorothy Darden's superbly-executed Melvin/Morelli 52' cat - we first met the Dardens in New Caledonia. They've just spent a year here and are getting ready to take off. You can visit their website at http://www.adagiomarine.com.

[Kathy Airport Hobart] Kathy showing off our designer luggage as we arrive back at Hobart airport. Her attempted smile reflects the pleasure of a twenty-hour journey.

[KatieKat Motor Yacht Club] KatieKat as seen when we arrived back from our brief California visit. Get a load of that crystal-clear air!

We are presently tidying up the boat and intend to do some sightseeing and local cruising after I've installed a bunch of new boat toys (e.g., HF) and performed some upgrades and maintenance on the boat. Plan on staying in this area for at least another month or two, despite nighttime temperatures dropping as winter approaches...

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24 May, 2002 -- Last Anzac

Australians are extremely proud of their military history, and treat their war veterans with the utmost of respect. The epitome of Australian valor in WWI was Gallipoli - those who fought there were called "Anzacs". The last surviving Anzac just died and it was a day of national mourning as he was honored with a full State Funeral and 21-gun salute, attended by the Prime Minister - a very dignified closure of this chapter in Australian history. The event took place in Hobart and we were fortunate that we had the opportunity to witness it.

[Funeral Handout] A pamphlet detailing the service was provided outside the cathedral. A Tribute by the Prime Minister and numerous remembrances and eulogies were part of the service.

[Honor Guard] Just a small sample of the military represented at the ceremony.

[Crowd] [Honor Guard]

You get some idea of the crowds who waited patienty and listened to the service broadcast outside the cathedral.

[Coffin] [Prime Minister]

In the left photo the coffin has been mounted on the gun carriage prior to the procession. In the right photo, the Prime Minister is visible just to the left of the Honor Guard.

A very memorable event.

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29 May, 2002 -- Ratso

My tongue gets stuck in my cheek sometimes...

"Isn't he cute?" I whispered to Kathy as we peered through the rear window of our canvas-enclosed main saloon, looking at the object of my affection. He was certainly different than the little white pet rat I had as a teenager. After staring back at us for a while, this VERY BIG white-tipped-tailed rat sauntered across the cockpit and finally dove off the rear step and swam over to the rocks nearby. Kathy didn't share my admiration for this critter, and dutifully replaced the hatchboards as we went back down below. We had been awakened by the rat's scrurrying sounds as he explored our empty cockpit.

Despite warnings from neighboring boats when we first arrived, we hadn't been concerned about rats - after all, there's nothing to eat up there - but we took heed and put the hatchboards in every night. Well, we soon started getting nocturnal visits - with large presents. A side benefit of all this is that I was forced to hose off and soapily scrub the boat down every morning, which was ok as the boat really needed it.

Live and let live was my motto, and I shrugged off the nightly scurrying sounds UNTIL... the miserable wretch chewed a hole in my BRAND NEW VERY EXPENSIVE running shoes! Since I replace my shoes only when my feet start showing through the soles, I found this to be intolerable, and declared war on the little bastard. I decided to make Ratso's life so miserable that he would leave us alone!

Ratso had shown us that he didn't like two things: light and noise. Well, I have plenty of both! For noise, I pulled out Froggie - he responds to changes of light and croaks three times. For a light source I have a laser pointer and carefully placed it at one end of the cockpit, aiming at Froggie, situated at the other end of the cockpit. Simple: Ratso breaks the light beam, Froggie croaks. In addition, I have two motion detectors, one of which was too loud to use, but the other turns on a light. Properly positioned very close to Ratso's entryway, it was intended to make him feel most uncomfortable.

Anyway, I don't know whether it was the removal of my tasty running shoes, this gadgetry, our yelling and screaming, or my particularly juicy choice of words when addressing him, that finally convinced Ratso that we held no attraction for him. He's lucky, as the next step would have been washing him away with a water hose. Peace and quiet and a clean cockpit have hopefully returned.

[Ratso] Our first glimpse of Ratso - gawd, he was big!

[RatPoo] Methinks the quality of my website has really degenerated if I'm reduced to showing rat poo.

[Chewed Shoe] The chewed hole in my brand-new running shoes - Ratso only liked the outer covering - makes one wonder what these shoes are really made from...

[Rat Stopper] My initial approach to keeping Ratso off the boat, a $1 cat litter box. Didn't work.

[Laser Holder] [Froggie]

On the left is the kluged-together laser pointer holder using my soldering stand. The clothespin holds the button down. The laser beam shoots across the cockpit to Froggie. In this photo, the beam is not quite properly centered on Froggie's light detector in his mouth. The idea was for Froggie to croak right into Ratso's ear just as he came aboard up the back steps.

[Alarms] A couple of battery-powered proximity-detector alarms, one lighting a light and the other sounding off loudly.

[Ratso] Ratso, gone (I hope) but not forgotten. Isn't he cute?

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